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The Moray Eel and Star Wars

If looks could kill! Well, if they could, the Moray Eel would be one of the most murderous creatures in the sea, but honestly they’re just cursed with a menacing look [...]

Quest to find the Giant Black Sea Bass

Our quest to find the Giant Black Sea Bass was more of a spur of the moment thought as a trip to Catalina was on the horizon and we needed something to make it feel like an [...]

Diving in Dangerous Conditions

To dive or not to dive, that is the question.  Currents, visibility, skill level, and various other factors help give you the proper tools to answer that question. [...]

Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu

Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu. We went out with Island Divers Hawaii on this drift dive located between Diamond Head and Koko Head in approximately 30-40′ of [...]

Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu

Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu.  Conditions were not optimal on the surface due to the high winds and swell but once below the surface we pulled ourselves down the rope to [...]

Shocked by an Electric Ray

I was shocked by an electric ray when I was younger while scuba diving with a buddy in the kelp beds off La Jolla Cove in San Diego. It was in fact a Pacific Electric Ray. [...]

Manta Rays In Flight

One of the most beloved ocean dwellers is the graceful and friendly Manta.  If you get the chance to interact with these amazing creatures you’ll not soon forget [...]

5 Tips to Catch a Lobster

So I spent plenty of time as a teenager snorkeling off the reefs of Cardiff-by-the-Sea in North County San Diego honing the fine art of finding and catching lobster.  Skin [...]
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