newport beach

Wedge Drama

Crazy town at the Wedge when a Jet Skier tries to outrace a monster. The monster wins and chaos ensues. Newport Beach lifeguards jump into action to save the day! And [...]

Chaos and The Wedge

Chaos and The Wedge go together like America and Apple Pie…like Macaroni and Cheese…like Laird Hamilton and Big Waves. It’s a break that get’s so [...]

2014 Christmas Boat Parade Winners

The Newport Beach 2014 Christmas Boat Parade Award Winners have been announced. We were in the madness on Sunday…the final day of the boat parade…and it was [...]

Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade

We’re wishing all of our Pacific Coast Explorers family a happy holiday season and since we consider our home base Newport Beach, it just wouldn’t be the holidays [...]

Blue Whale Escort

Not too long ago I was sailing with Captain Dave off Newport Beach, California and brushing up on some of my sailing skills and we were lucky enough to be escorted on our [...]

Humpback Whales: Gentle Giants

Humpback Whales are one of the larger species of Whales in existence.  On average of about 79,000 pounds and with lengths of up to 50 feet!  Humpbacks feed in polar waters [...]