Great White Shark

Great White Shark Feeding on Whale

A Long Island fisherman posted a video of a great white shark devouring a dead whale and it’s gone viral! Michael Maiale went shark fishing with friends off Long [...]

Guadalupe Island, Sharks and Wranglers

Guadalupe Island, Sharks and Wranglers are the combo which make for a perfect shark diving expedition. I took the trip many years back when shark diving tourism was still in [...]

Track Your Favorite Shark

What if you could go out into the ocean and know with absolute certainty if there is a shark near you? New shark tracking technology is turning this into a reality. With new [...]

Shark Cage Selfie Fail

What happens when you are trying to take that great selfie photo you want to share with your friends to show you were actually underwater in a shark cage surrounded by Great [...]

Great White Shark Encounter

How is this for a Great White Shark encounter – Several years ago a group of divers from the Los Angeles area started a project to help remove netting covering the [...]

Guadalupe Island AKA Shark City!

Guadalupe Island is Shark City! It has become the premiere place to see Great White Sharks in their natural environment.  Located 150 miles off the west coast of [...]
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