Kitesurfing in Windy SoCal

The wind are up and the kitesurfer and windsurfers are out on an epic holiday week! Enjoy some of the pictures…We can’t imagine a better way to spend the day! [...]

Chaos and The Wedge

Chaos and The Wedge go together like America and Apple Pie…like Macaroni and Cheese…like Laird Hamilton and Big Waves. It’s a break that get’s so [...]

Stand Up Paddle Cardiff Reef

Cardiff Reef is a great place to enjoy a day of stand up paddling.  Located in North San Diego County, the sandy beach offers perfect launch point and also offers a more [...]

SUP Yoga Gear

Although the weather has cooled down, stand up yoga is still hot and SUP yoga gear is going to be at the top of the list of many outdoorsy types! Especially that stand up [...]

Stand Up Paddle Camping Tips

After getting really comfortable on a stand up paddle board I thought I’d take it one more step and do some stand up paddle camping.  I honed in on a paddle from [...]