Swimming with Pelagic Sharks

Swimming with sharks in the open ocean has been a dream of mine for a long time. I finally had the opportunity on a trip to the North Shore of Oahu. We found a fantastic tour [...]

Shark Attack on the North Shore

Shark attack on the North Shore – Swimming with sharks got a little out of hand when one of the many sharks we were swimming with decided to come in for a nibble.  We [...]

Mako Shark Surprises Divers

The chum line moved quickly in the current.  A slick, oily, bloody mess from the crushed mackerel spread out towards the horizon. It was just a matter of time now [...]

Track Your Favorite Shark

What if you could go out into the ocean and know with absolute certainty if there is a shark near you? New shark tracking technology is turning this into a reality. With new [...]

Dining with a Great White

If you’re dining with Great White Sharks this Thanksgiving we have some helpful tips to keep them satisfied so they won’t be tempted to have you for dessert. [...]

Shark Cage Selfie Fail

What happens when you are trying to take that great selfie photo you want to share with your friends to show you were actually underwater in a shark cage surrounded by Great [...]

Disappearing Blue Sharks

Years ago I went on my first shark dive off the coast of San Diego.  We went about 15-miles off the coast of Point Loma.  We chummed the water and slowly stared down the [...]

Diving with Leopard Sharks

Leopard sharks are one of the most common sharks along the coast of California. They live in shallow waters of bays and estuaries.  Some of the best places I’ve found [...]
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