Ocean Dwellers

The Moray Eel and Star Wars

If looks could kill! Well, if they could, the Moray Eel would be one of the most murderous creatures in the sea, but honestly they’re just cursed with a menacing look [...]

When Garibaldi Attack

When Garibaldi Attack! It sounds like a follow up to one of those mid-90’s Fox Specials “When Animals Attack.” But does the Garibaldi really attack people? [...]

Manta Rays In Flight

One of the most beloved ocean dwellers is the graceful and friendly Manta.  If you get the chance to interact with these amazing creatures you’ll not soon forget [...]

5 Tips to Catch a Lobster

So I spent plenty of time as a teenager snorkeling off the reefs of Cardiff-by-the-Sea in North County San Diego honing the fine art of finding and catching lobster.  Skin [...]

Blue Whale Escort

Not too long ago I was sailing with Captain Dave off Newport Beach, California and brushing up on some of my sailing skills and we were lucky enough to be escorted on our [...]

Mola Mola Off Catalina

The Mola Mola is one of the funniest looking fish in the sea.  They are the heaviest bony fish in the world—capable of reaching 5,000 pounds. You never know when you are [...]

Humpback Whales: Gentle Giants

Humpback Whales are one of the larger species of Whales in existence.  On average of about 79,000 pounds and with lengths of up to 50 feet!  Humpbacks feed in polar waters [...]

Disappearing Blue Sharks

Years ago I went on my first shark dive off the coast of San Diego.  We went about 15-miles off the coast of Point Loma.  We chummed the water and slowly stared down the [...]
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