Divers Log

Diving in Dangerous Conditions

To dive or not to dive, that is the question.  Currents, visibility, skill level, and various other factors help give you the proper tools to answer that question. [...]

Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu

Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu. We went out with Island Divers Hawaii on this drift dive located between Diamond Head and Koko Head in approximately 30-40′ of [...]

Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu

Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu.  Conditions were not optimal on the surface due to the high winds and swell but once below the surface we pulled ourselves down the rope to [...]

Cousteau Memorial Monument

When you scuba dive in the Avalon Dive Park you will likely stumble upon the Jacques Cousteau Memorial Monument. The monument was placed in the park after Cousteau’s [...]

Divers Log: The Wreck of the Suejac

Divers Log: The Wreck of the Suejac – After making our way down the slippery stairs we descended  and headed towards the furthest outer buoy to the east (it is on the [...]