The Matador of the Sea

When most people go on a shark dive they don’t realize the success or failure of the trip rides on the shoulders of one man. This one man and his shark wrangling skills can make or break a trip. Whether it’s off the coast of South Africa or along the shores of Guadalupe Island you must have a trained professional who knows how to deliver the sharks right up to the cage so divers can get those epic shots which will run through the imagination of shark lovers around the world for centuries to come.

He learned to fish from The Old Man in the Sea.

His rope-play is sought after by sharks around the world.

His baiting techniques make mature Great White females blush.

He once rode “Deep Blue” but still felt shallow.

It is common knowledge among sharks that he is the apex predator.

He is the Matador of the Sea.

The Matador of the Sea maintains watch over his domain.

The Matador of the Sea maintains watch over his domain.

If you want to dive with the greatest shark wrangler in the world we recommend you check out the following link and book a trip quickly on the Solmar V while he is still at peak performance…

Matador of the Sea

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