Shark Week Preview 2015

The Fourth of July is upon us but we must say besides the celebration of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 there is something just as meaningful to us. It’s SHARK WEEK!

The fireworks, the barbecues, and the horrible traffic (I dare you to try and find parking at the beach this weekend!) are all well and good but to sit down and watch new specials about a creature which has been around for millions of years and adopted so beautifully and elegantly to everything nature has thrown its way is hard to beat.  So We’ll be sitting down and watching Shark Week on Discovery this holiday weekend…We might DVR some but regardless we’ll watch!

On this 28th anniversary of Shark Week, Discovery executives have mentioned there will be a greater emphasis on science and less of a focus on stunts like the Megalodon or Voodoo Shark. Megalodon was the network’s highest-rated Shark Week program but there was serious backlash from viewers and the network brass doesn’t want to ostracize their viewers this time around so they’re going back to the basics of what makes Shark Week so special.  It’s about the shark and they are fascinating enough so there is really no need to go all “Hollywood” on the shark.

There will be 19 hours of originals this year and more social media and online content than ever before.

Here’s your Shark Week Preview 2015:

Sunday, July 5

8 p.m. PDT – “Shark Trek”

9 p.m. PDT – “Island of the Mega Shark”

10 p.m. PDT – “Monster Mako”

11 p.m. PDT – “Shark After Dark”

Monday, July 6

9 p.m. PDT – “Return of the Giant White Serial Killer”

10 p.m. PDT – “Alien Sharks: Close Encounters”

11 p.m. PDT – “Shark After Dark”

Tuesday, July 7

9 p.m. PDT – “Bride of Jaws”

10 p.m. PDT – “Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba”

11 p.m. EDT – “Shark After Dark”

Wednesday, July 8

9 p.m. PDT – “Super Predator”

10 p.m. PDT – “Ninja Sharks”

11 p.m. PDT – “Shark After Dark”

Thursday, July 9

9 p.m. PDT – “Shark Planet”

11 p.m. PDT – “Shark After Dark”

Friday, July 10

9 p.m. PDT – “Sharks of the Shadowland”

10 p.m. PDT – “Shark Clans”

Saturday, July 11

9 p.m. PDT – “Sharksanity 2”

Sunday, July 12

8 p.m. PDT – “Shark Island”

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