Shark Attack on the North Shore

Shark attack on the North Shore – Swimming with sharks got a little out of hand when one of the many sharks we were swimming with decided to come in for a nibble.  We were in the water for approximately 15-minutes about 4-miles off the North Shore of Oahu and had no issues with the sharks. Slow and deliberate movements along with continuous eye contact and awareness of our surroundings kept them relaxed for most of the time but a quick move caught this sharks attention and he came in to show us he was not messing around. The moment he turned I realized we were in trouble and I understood that no matter what the size of the shark there is no doubt they can do serious damage very quickly.  As he was coming in I managed to hit him in the head with my GoPro rig and he swam away.  He did a tight circle and followed us as we made our way back to the boat.  As soon as this happened there was a definite change in the environment as the other sharks became a bit agitated as well.  We sensed it was a good time to end the interaction with our shark buddies. We slowly and cautiously made our way back to the boat and made it out with a good story and great respect for these wild creatures.  It was the experience of a lifetime.

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