Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu

Divers Log: Kahala Barge of Oahu.  Conditions were not optimal on the surface due to the high winds and swell but once below the surface we pulled ourselves down the rope to about 90-feet and kicked over Kahala Barge.  You could literally feel the current trying to pull you off the rope but a tight grip kept things moving towards the wreck.  It would be tough to fight the current back to the line if you happened to slip. Once at the bottom there was still a heavy current but we penetrated the wreck and the shelter it provided from the current was a relief.  We kicked through the wreck.  There wasn’t much life around the barge besides an eel hanging out in the the rear of the wreck. Be careful of the jagged edges. Some dive sites say it’s a shore dive but I wouldn’t suggest that as the wind and current can come up quickly and change your world in a matter of minutes.

Had about 15-minutes of time in the wreck before we headed back to the rope and went through the necessary safety stops for decompression.  Once up top we headed back towards the boat and were careful to time the swells so we weren’t hit by the ladder. Overall a really fun dive and an absolute challenge if you don’t dive often primarily because of the strong currents.


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