Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu

Divers Log: Fantasy Reef – Oahu. We went out with Island Divers Hawaii on this drift dive located between Diamond Head and Koko Head in approximately 30-40′ of water.  Once we jumped off the boat we found ourselves in a pretty open area with not a lot of life.  We saw some Moray Eels and various reef fish but overall it was pretty desolate until we reached some raised reef fragments and lava tubes where we glided through the overhangs and swim-throughs and found some amazing Sea Turtles.  They were pretty much everywhere we turned.  Some of them were sleeping and some just watched us with a wise old eyes as we kicked past them.  I couldn’t help but think about “Finding Nemo.”  I expected them to catch a ride on a current somewhere and help Marlin find Nemo…and where was Dory?  The turtles were so amazing and so friendly. We would highly recommend a dive at Fantasy Reef. It’s a relatively easy dive in the right conditions and if you like hanging with a bunch of these old sea mariners there isn’t a better place to be.

For more information on Sea Turtles and what we can do to help check out Sea Turtle Conservancy and The World Wildlife Foundation.

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