Protecting Dolphin Habitat

Protecting Dolphin Habitat Photo Credit: Oceana

If you’ve had any interaction with dolphins you quickly realize they are very intelligent and highly social animals.  Unfortunately, some dolphin populations are dwindling due to mortalities caused by destructive fishing gear, ocean pollution, and other human-caused threats. Protecting dolphin habitat has been a priority for the organization Oceana among the many other important environmental initiatives they have taken up.

A major player in preventable dolphin deaths is commercial fishing. Fishing techniques including gill netting, trawling and purse seining lead to dolphin injury or deaths via entanglement or drowning. Oceana works to prevent bycatch by defending the U.S. legislation that protects marine mammals, pushing the National Marine Fisheries Service to reduce dolphin bycatch, and participating on a stakeholder team with fishermen and scientist to find ways to reduce dolphin bycatch.

Here’s a more in depth look at how seismic blasts are hurting dolphin.

Visit Oceana for more on how you can help in protecting dolphin habitat.

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