Dining with a Great White

If you’re dining with Great White Sharks this Thanksgiving we have some helpful tips to keep them satisfied so they won’t be tempted to have you for dessert.  First off…you’re going to need a bigger table!  Great White Sharks are eating machines and are known to gorge themselves at every opportunity.  When you’re at your local market there are several things you should be on the look-out for: seals, fur seals, sea lions, sea turtles, sea otters, whales, porpoises, and even seabirds. We do recommend you have a pre-dinner conversation with your guest and let them know they will NOT need to utilize their normal ambush technique to feed.  That type of behavior at the dinner table is not acceptable. If you have children please have the same conversation with them. According to data a 2,160-pound Great White Shark needs to eat a fur seal pup every 45.6 hours to remain happy.  So plan out your meal according to your guests size.  For Thanksgiving a 2,160-pounder may want to eat more than normal…maybe a fur seal pup and a half of an elephant seal.   Here are the recommended courses this Thanksgiving to keep your guests satisfied.


Sea turtle soufflé with a side of cormorant wings

Main Course

Baby fur seal (uncooked…rare) with a side of whale blubber


Sea otter with a pinch of wasabi

Once the dinner is complete make sure there are munchies on stand-by just so they can graze if your weight calculations were off.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Enjoy time with your family and remind them as they are forcing down the last bit of seal blubber the change in the traditional Thanksgiving experience was worth dining with a Great White Shark because it’s a memory that will last a lifetime…unless you make your guest grumpy.

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