Stand Up Paddle, Seals and Sexy Music

Laguna Beach, CA – Perfect date for the stand up paddle couple! And you and you can do it all in an afternoon.  Grab your boards and head to Laguna Beach.  Parking can be a bit of a nightmare but I’ve always had luck parking on Cliff Drive and then just carrying the boards down to the beach.  Once you launch you’ll want to head north.  You’ll pass some great coves along the way.  Head around Heisler Park, pass Divers Cove, pass Shaws Cove, and finally pass Crescent Bay.  You’ll see two great rock formations and that’s where the seals hang out.  Check the conditions before you go because with large surf it could be hazardous.  Just hang on the outskirts so you don’t bother the seals.  They’ll just go about their business of barking and basking in the sun.  The video below set to some very sexy music gives you a taste of the paddle.  So sexy in fact you might want to grab a glass of wine before you watch. Enjoy the stand up paddle!

Getting there:

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