Rippers Cove

Ripper’s cove offers excellent anchorage.  I’ve stayed there plenty of times and it’s one of my favorite places on the island.  It’s well protected from wind and rough weather.   One of my favorite memories is anchoring just offshore and snorkeling around and then upon making my way back to the boat the anchor was surrounded by bat rays…huge bat rays.  The snorkeling is great here.  You’ll see leopard sharks, tons of Garibaldi  (they are everywhere) and all types of reef fish.  There are 3 campsites.  Campsite 1 is furthest east and is on the beach.  Just watch the tides when you stay here so you don’t wake up in the water.  Campsite 2 is by far the choice campsite.  It has some shade from several large pine trees and a nice picnic table and place to set up your tent.  Campsite 3 is furthest west and is a large space but there is no shade from the sun.  The reef is located just off this campsite which is prime snorkeling.  Enjoy Ripper’s Cove.  We made tons of great memories there!

 Location: South Side of Catalina Island 33°25’38″N118°25’58″W

Here are some sights and sounds from Rippers Cove (Watch in HD):

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