Mooring Your Boat

Avalon Catalina

When you’re mooring your boat and you have the entire community of boaters in the harbor watching your every move…performance is everything. I remember when I headed to Catalina for the first time and had a bit of stage fright because it was a busy summer day. Just getting into the harbor was like playing an old school game of Frogger. Avoiding the boats, the swimmers, the kayaks, the fishing lines, the you name it…it was stressful. After getting through the obstacle course you approach your mooring, steer in slowly and carefully so your first mate can pick up the stick and show everyone just how it’s done. So I enlisted Chelsea to demo just what it takes to do it right…in a bikini no less. So Chelsea…take it away.

Here’s a link to a brochure from Avalon Harbor Patrol which is incredibly helpful when it comes to mooring your boat.  Keep this handy when you head out to Catalina!  Happy mooring!


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