Goat Harbor

Goat Harbor is about halfway between Avalon and Two Harbors.   It’s a U-shaped harbor about a half mile wide.  The  beach is very rocky so wear some flip flops.  There are no moorings but there’s room for about 8 boats to comfortably anchor in the right conditions. Not sure what the story is with the blue boat stuck up in the sand.  If anyone knows let me know.  Some great diving and snorkeling.

The reef has some really large rocks which helps with the kelp forest and the fish.  There are tons of garibaldi, rockfish, kelp bass, blacksmith, leopard sharks, lobsters, etc.  Saw more leopard sharks here than anywhere else on the island…on the Two Harbors side of the harbor in the sandy area close to shore.

Location: South side of Catalina Island N 33.41.65 W 118.39.61.

Here are some sights and sounds from Goat Harbor (watch in HD):

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