Divers Log: The Wreck of the Suejac

Divers Log: The Wreck of the Suejac – After making our way down the slippery stairs we descended  and headed towards the furthest outer buoy to the east (it is on the right if you are looking from the stairs out into the ocean).  The wreck is just inside that buoy.  We headed there after our initial descent and were amazed at the lack of kelp forest which I have become so accustomed to after diving here so many years.  The swell from Hurricane Marie really tore up the kelp but hopefully as the water gets colder the kelp will make a strong comeback.  The visibility was amazing (60-70 feet).  When we arrived at the wreck it was just stunning.  The Suejac sank on November 14, 1980 after a strong northeast “Santa Ana” wind caused the ship to slip anchor and head into the rocks off Casino Point.  The crew abandoned ship and survived but Suejac did not.  The rocks did a number on her and as you can see from the video below a huge hole on her port side is likely what led to her demise.  Ever since then the Suejac has been a popular dive.  With all the divers right around Casino Point I was surprised that we were completely alone for our entire exploration of the wreck.  It made us feel that much more adventurous.  If you make it out to the Avalon Dive Park I would put this high up on your list of things to see!  Enjoy the video (make sure and watch it in HD)!

For more information on Suejac check out: cawreckdirvers.org

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